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What are the modules about?

There are three modules: Basics of CCTV, Advanced CCTV and Portable CCTV for professionals. The modules are available to all , but CCTV for professionals is geared towards ecologists, researchers and professional conservationists. All modules are presented in an attractive, illustrated, online flipping book form, to make learning a pleasant experience.

The modules are the result of over 7 years of research into CCTV wildlife monitoring, much of it with Natural England and the Woodland Trust. The main aims of the training modules are to guide the non-technical over the initial learning curve and allow the development of the expertise that leads to innovative monitoring techniques.

The modules, which are practical manuals, are greatly enhanced by adding the course book. The optional addition gives an introduction to wildlife CCTV plus a great deal of valuable background information. It can be obtained by clicking the link below.

The Basic module has step by step illustrated details of how to setup camera and recorder, and how to obtain the best wildlife videos.In addition a downloadable guide takes you through the process and tests your understanding. Email advice is available for 6 months.

The Advanced module covers the more advanced recorder menus, and tackles the thornier subjects of IP cameras and network recorders, plus video analytics and wireless setups. An online flipping style book is provided, together with a downloadable guide to the module. The optional course book is advised for this module.

The Portable module for professionals includes access to the Basic and Advanced modules. It is a comprehensive module, following the step by step flipping book form of the Basic and Advanced modules, and concentrates on portable CCTV. Because most wildlife monitoring takes place where there is no power, portable CCTV is required. 7 years of research has gone in to developing the technical aspects of portable CCTV together with detailed protocols for different species. Email consultancy is available.

Click on the links below for more information about the content of each module.

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