This page describes equipment suitable for wildlife CCTV. You are of course welcome to purchase equipment of your choice, but the equipment we recommend has been used by us for several years and has proved reliable.

Equipment for the Basic module

All you need to start filming wildlife with CCTV. We are fortunate to have worked for some time with a reliable supplier (Handykam) who has many years experience with wildlife CCTV. We do not make a profit from selling this equipment, but rather pass on to you the advantages of this relationship.

Although a ‘training kit’, this is an updated version of the equipment we have used for several years with many successes.

Basic kit

  1. HD-TVI 4MP variable focus camera from Hikvision.
    Focal length can be varied from 2 to 12 mm.
  2. 4 Channel TVI recorder from Hikvision.
  3. 20 m cable for video signal and power.

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