Spread your wings…

At CCTV wildlife training, we have carried out research with Natural England and the Woodland Trust for more than 6 years. This research was to develop the use of CCTV to monitor wildlife.

Camera traps are now widely used in conservation and are valuable for detecting the presence of wildlife. CCTV, on the other hand has great advantages and greater flexibility.

CCTV is of immense value in monitoring wildlife, especially for fast-moving species (otters and bats for example), underwater, with protected species and for remote viewing, to name a few.

Despite its great advantages, the more technical aspects of CCTV can be daunting for those not well-versed in technology. These training modules are designed to get you past the technology ‘hump’, to show you what can be done, and to encourage the use of CCTV monitoring in conservation, or just to give pleasure in watching wildlife.

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